Precision Mold Replacement

Precision Mold Replacement

One of our customers in the rubber molding industry approached us at H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc. to design and manufacture a new mold as a replacement for the underperforming one they were currently using. In addition to needing frequent maintenance and repair, the tool produced too many out-of-tolerance parts. We sat down with their designs and after a thorough analysis, identified several elements we could change to increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve the accuracy of the molded parts.

Drawing on our many years of experience building molds for the rubber industry, we had the insight on what aspects, such as shrinkage allowances, needed alteration to ensure the mold produced parts that conformed to the tolerance specifications. Our scope of work included providing the customer with CAD designs for a mold that would stand up to continuous duty use without any loss of quality in the finished product. After approval, we experimented with various materials to ensure we built the mold with the level of durability needed for 24/7 operation.

Since this project involved a mass-produced component, the faster we could get the customer the new mold, the faster they could improve their productivity and reduce their production costs. Our professional staff of skilled craftsmen worked diligently to make sure we met all project milestones and deadlines on a timely basis. By selecting the best materials and holding the tightest manufacturing tolerances and finishes, we supplied a precision mold that met all of the customer's requirements. Demonstrating our level of commitment, we also supplied them with spare parts to have on hand for upkeep and maintenance.

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