Precision Laser Welding of Injection Mold Tooling

Laser Welding of Injection Mold Tooling

At H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc. our micro laser welding capabilities provide both local and national manufacturers with a rapid solution for tooling repair. We frequently correct tools with small defects or functional damage on expedited, even same-day basis, depending on the how extensive the repair is. In one instance, a local customer brought in a plate with 60 cavities. Although only a handful of them needed repair, it was enough to disrupt their production targets on an important job, and they needed immediate help. We inspected the workpiece to assess damage and set a budget and timeline for the repair work. Since the repairs were intricate but minor, we offered to do the job on a same day basis.

The pinpoint accuracy of our laser welding system allowed us to reach deep into the cavities and create precise welds in the exact locations where they were needed. Afterward, we re-machined the welded areas to finish up the repair. Our ability to quickly perform this work entirely in-house avoided extensive downtime on the customer's production line, saved them the expense of building a new plate, and extended the life of their tooling. In addition to documenting our repair work so they could track the problem areas, we recommended several design enhancements that could prevent future breakage.

This is just one example of a project you would see in our shop on a daily basis. When customers come in with a high-end steel part or a component of a complicated assembly that has minor damage, such as a broken edge, dent, or crack, we leverage our laser welding capabilities to make the repairs and return the workpiece to the customer as rapidly as possible. Our proficiency allows us to make welds that are almost undetectable after they are refinished.

If you would like more information about this project or our micro laser welding capabilities, contact us today.

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