PINS/Swiss CNC Turned Pieces

CNC Turned Pieces

At H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc. we are Swiss-type CNC machining specialists and are often called upon to manufacture parts such as those highlighted here. In this project the client initially approached us because of issues they were having with non-conforming product and premature part failure. Furthermore, their existing design made holding the required tolerances difficult.

In addition to reviewing the design, we gathered data about the part's function and how it was deteriorating. Armed with this information, we improved several design elements to simplify the process of manufacturing it with close-tolerance precision. We also suggested a change to the material of construction and recommended adding a heat-treating process to develop the appropriate strength properties to prevent the pin from weakening and deteriorating over time. After presenting the client with a revised CAD model, they quickly approved it for production.

With its slender shape and high volume requirements, this part was an excellent candidate for Swiss-type machining. We engineered a production process to rapidly produce a large number of pieces with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Our internal team worked in partnership with a respected provider of heat-treating services to establish the best methods for hardening the workpieces to achieve the desired strength characteristics.

By paying attention to even the smallest details, we were able to provide the client with a high-quality solution and pricing that fit within their budget. Our machining staff works conscientiously to ensure the pins always meet the customer's quality standards. With a large number of Swiss-type machines in our shop (We have 3 of these machines so maybe rephrase the preceding text possibly describing them as a new or modern fleet that continuously operate), we have no problem meeting the delivery date for each batch we run.

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