Laser Microwelding

Laser Microwelding

As a full service provider of high precision machining services, at H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we are equipped with a wide range of advanced systems and capabilities that allow us to accommodate the needs of virtually any project requirement. For over 40 years, we have provided our services to customers across a broad range of industries. Our success is built on adding value through innovation and process flexibility.

With the use of laser micro welding, we expand these capabilities to deliver low-cost high-quality solutions to an even greater number of applications. When applied to the repair of critical, high-value tooling such as molds, laser micro welding can be the difference between a repair and a replacement. For manufactures faced with a damaged mold, this service allows us to bring the tool back to new condition in a fraction of the time and cost of building a new mold. Utilizing laser micro welding will minimize down time and eliminate the costs usually associated with mold damage. This means getting the tooling back into production fast, in some cases as quickly as the same day.

Laser micro welding offers a number of benefits, it is inherently precise and have the ability to be precisely controlled and focused. It can apply a very small bead of weld; this is a critical factor when working with precision features such as tight slots, pockets, corners, contours and angles. Because the bead is so small, there is less material remaining to machine, further enhancing the speed of the repair. In addition, because the process uses a beam to weld it is ideal for complex geometries with deep and hard to reach features. When compared to electron beam welding, laser micro welding provides the superior results at a far lower cost. By using a light beam, there is no need for a vacuum chamber; if contamination is an issue a shield gas can easily be applied. All of these features and advantages, when combined with the experience of a team of season tool makers equal a highly efficient low-cost solution.

To learn more about this service, and how H&B can add value and drive out costs to your tooling requirements, contact us directly.

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