About H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

H&B Machine & Tool Co., Inc. has been an industry bellwether for over 4 decades. We set the standard for production capability and flexibility. We can manufacture to the most critical dimensional tolerances and surface finishes using our modern equipment and specialty tools designed in house. Our vast employee experience allows us to work with a number of materials from Carbon to Stainless, from Aluminum to Brass and everything in between. Our state of the art equipment and skilled craftsmen allow us to deliver exceptional precision and accuracy that meets or exceeds customer specifications. H & B will design a building solution, manage production, and deliver your custom product to your specifications on schedule. We invite you to challenge us with your most intricate parts with the expectations that we will be able to develop a quality solution customized to your needs.

The foundation of our superb quality is our personal, one-on-one service. Our professional staff and skilled craftsmen take extraordinary pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction. We understand that referrals from satisfied customers do more to help H & B than any amount of advertising, thus H&B Machine & Tool is committed to the highest level of product design, quality, service, and affordability.

We understand that our customers rely on us for the quality and precision needed for them to remain competitive and profitable. To accomplish and maintain our high quality commitment to our customers, H & B utilizes a thorough quality inspection process. This ensures that our products meet or exceed customer specifications, and are delivered promptly and according to schedule. It's what has helped us to develop and maintain the long-term relationships that we have with our customers, and what will enable us to continue to do so.

To learn more about what H&B Machine & Tool can do for you, contact us today.

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